Wreath unpacking instructions

Instructions on how to remove your wreath from its box

A wreath may sometimes have a long journey before it arrives to its new home.  To ensure that it survives the journey, extreme care has been taken during packing.

  • To remove your wreath, locate the three brightly colored pipe cleaners.  (The color is usually neon and very different than the colors used in your wreath.)
  • Twist the pipe cleaners to loosen.  
  • Separate the pipe cleaners.  
  • You can now remove the wreath by carefully pulling it out of the box.

Tip: The pipe cleaners have been threaded through the outside of the box and secured with tape.  You can also remove the wreath by removing the tape then cutting the pipe cleaners at these points (outside the box) to remove the wreath.



Caring for your wreath

Although an artificial floral wreath will last much longer than a natural wreath, it is recommended to take note of its delicate nature. Of course, you may want to leave your wreath on your door at all times but please take note of the following so you may be able to enjoy your wreath for even longer.

  • Wreaths' longevity will be affected by extreme weather.   If your wreath is directly exposed to bad weather such as thunderstorms, its florals and/or ribbons may shift or loosen. Signs may also be affected.
  • Direct sunlight will fade colors over time. 
  • Wreaths may collect dust.  You can lightly dust off wreath as part of your regular cleaning routine.
  • It is recommended to either hang your wreath and cover with a plastic bag or store in a box when not in use.

Tip: Use clear 35 gallon lawn  bags to use for storage.  They have enough space to have minimal “squishing” of your wreath when stored.  Once ready to use, fluff your wreath by gently arranging any bows or ribbons back in place.